Director’s Statement From Kerry David

Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War became a passion project for me after learning about the poaching epidemic and human/animal crisis three years ago on a research trip to Africa.

I met so many remarkable men dedicating their lives to protecting Africa’s endangered species but very few women. I started to become curious about them. I knew they existed, but where were they and why were they so silent?

It didn’t take long for me to locate one, two, then twenty spectacular women all devoting their lives to this pandemic. Each one inspiring me more than the last with her journey, her story and her resolve to protect these beautiful creatures against the very real threat of extinction.

Some of the women I interviewed for Breaking Their Silence have never shared the stories we will bring to you. Some have risked their lives by sharing them with us. All of them at some time or another have been beaten, raped or threatened for the work they do in trying to prevent the extinction of our most endangered wildlife.

I can’t wait to share their journeys with you - it will be inspirational, it will provide courageous role models for your daughters, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry. But without exception, each one of these women revealed to me that nothing will make them stop because they are living their lives with passion and on purpose.

And thanks to their courage in “Breaking Their Silence,” so am I!