Our documentary, “Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War” has affected audiences across America and in Europe to such an extent we’ve been inundated with requests on how to help prevent the loss of our planet’s endangered species.

There are ways large and small to get involved, and not all involve funding projects! You can donate to any of the organizations that are featured in our film directly through our site (100% of your donations go directly to whichever fund you choose) or if you are still unsure you can donate directly to our own non-profit “Over and Above Africa” see below.

Over and Above Africa

Our innovative non profit platform, Over and Above Africa connects you to the people, initiatives and organizations on the ground in Africa, effectively tackling the poaching crisis and the human/animal conflict. We work tirelessly to help prevent the extinction of Africa's endangered animals by giving the funds to those on the frontline. We FILM your funds in use and share the mini documentary afterwards! It’s transparent and it’s enjoyable - but best of all? We are helping making change at ground zero.

We know you want to help - we'd like to make it so easy for you, you can't say no! At $5 a month it's less than a Netflix subscription or Latte! 


1) Phone and or write to your elected officials. Ask them to support wildlife conservation efforts and invoke stronger laws to protect wildlife from exploitation by your country. Tell them you want to be a part of the movement that bans the sale and distribution of ivory, rhino horn and endangered species animal parts across our borders. MORE INFO HERE AS VERMONT GOES THROUGH THIS TO BECOME 11th STATE! When voting for candidates, for whichever party, vote for the candidates who include protecting the environment and our wildlife as part of their platforms.

2) Write to local tourist boards in Africa and Asia requesting stronger laws in their tourism to protect elephants, big game cats, petting opportunities etc. When you go on safari, research if that safari resort supports hunting of endangered species on their land.

3) Research WHERE your funds go when you donate. Any non profit or publicly traded company are required to tell you in full disclosure and transparency what percentage goes to the cause you care about and what goes to admin and marketing. Call and ASK them, or visit websites like Guidestar. You’ll be surprised by what you learn!

4) Be an ambassador for wildlife in your social media. Find a few accounts you like that you know to be legitimate and amplify their social media posts to your community.

5) Boycott products from Asia, specially China - China is one of the worst perpetrators of wildlife crime. This is extreme and hard to do as so much is imported from China. But it IS possible when you understand what’s at risk.

6) Share what you’ve learned in appropriate conversations with your families, friends, colleagues and communities. Bring up wildlife protection at the family dinner table and discuss ways you can come together as a family unit to exercise your voice and protect our wildlife.

7) Volunteer for organizations documented in “Breaking their Silence” or on “Over and Above Africa” and experience the majesty of Africa for yourselves.

8) Let others know that profits from wildlife crime fund global terrorism. This way, if your friends aren’t particularly warm and fuzzy about wildlife - they will understand that it STILL impacts their lives.

9) Talk about the ecological effects of not having elephants, rhino, lions and other keystone animals in our ecosystem. They are crucial to the wellbeing of humans. We have to learn to share our planet with them.

10) Request a screening of Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War in your town - can you fill a theatre with an interested audience? Contact us and let’s discuss ways to work together and further the message:

To Donate:

Wildlife Organizations

…that we endorse!

(In alphabetical order)

We seek the most effective initiatives and organizations around the world doing important work protecting our wildlife.

We endorse the following organizations and encourage you to support them too. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. YOU make all the difference!

PLEASE…. if you are donating, RESEARCH where your funds go. Did you know that two of the world’s leading wildlife non-profit organizations give LESS than 0.1% of what they receive to the cause it raises for?

Please research before funding. We urge you to start flexing this muscle. If enough donors pull out of funding organizations who use too much of their funding for admin, they’ll be forced to tighten their belts - when you stop giving, they will start re-allocating where their funding goes! Let’s see that at least 80% goes to the wildlife!