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Captivating documentaries are not easy to pull off. Going into this my expectations where comparable to that of internet memes compiled together, “one-offing” facts with hopes it’d make a difference. I was completely unprepared.

90 minutes later my attention is released from the screen for the first time as I usher a dampened applause from my hands covered in tear soaked sleeves.

A story this raw should not be ignored.

The bravery of these women shows just how significant the feminine perspective is to winning this war.

The bare look into their everyday lives shows just how bad this problem has become.

And the information I learned while watching this reveals what an article can never teach you.

This is one of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen and my empathy has grown because of it.

Thank you for breaking your silence. You are the angels this world needs.
— Joe Neagle

Parade Magazine - New Film Shines Light on Courageous Women Fighting Wildlife Poaching and Here's How You Can Help

By Debra Wallace


Director/Producer Kerry David CNN Interview


Director Kerry David talks Botswana's lift on ban on elephant hunting, as well as the women on the frontlines of the poaching crises on CNN.

Kerry David getting ready for CNN interview

Director/Producer Kerry David The Today Show Interview


Director Kerry David talks about Breaking Their Silence on The Today Show with Natalie Morales!

Watch via our YouTube channel or directly on The Today Show.

Kerry David on KTLA discussing Directing, Producing, and Writing ‘Breaking Their Silence’ Documentary


The Argonaut - Play Vista Filmmaker Kerry David Finds a New Weapon in the War Against Poaching: Women

By Shanee Edwards


Breaking Their Silence Wins the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the New Haven Documentary Film Festival.



Huffington Post - These Women Risk Their Lives To Save Rhinos And Elephants From Poachers

By Gabby Hinsliff


Read the article about Breaking Their Silence in the Huffington Post.

This article is now Internationally available via Yahoo News in UK, AU, NZ, and SG!

Alicia Silverstone’s Blog about Breaking Their Silence!

Read Alica Silverstone’s THE KIND LIFE blog post about BTS!

Supergivers with Jesse Johnson Podcast Interview


Listen to Jesse Johnson and Kerry David discuss Breaking Their Silence on his Supergivers Podcast.

New Haven Documentary Film Festival Movie Review


Read the rave review of Breaking Their Silence in the New Haven Independent.

Breaking Their Silence wins “Spirit of Activism Award” at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival


Read about the lineup - including Breaking Their Silence - at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival.

Director Kerry David on BBC Newsday

Listen to the live interview on Kerry’s documentary as it was aired on the first edition of BBC Newsday.

Director Kerry David on Late Edition of BBC Newsday

Listen to a pre-recorded interview with Kerry about Breaking Their Silence. Aired on the late edition of BBC Newsday.

SF Gate

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Stu News Newport


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Beautifully crafted and full of raw emotion & such a powerful message....nobody could see it and not be moved by it. You allowed these strong, brave women to tell their stories and how intelligent, passionate and eloquent they were. A masterpiece” Gillian Hatherly, Australia


“I can’t tell you how much I was moved by “Breaking Their Silence”. You really captured the souls of these incredibly brave women fighting poaching in Africa…. I hope to see a broad release of the film, I want my husband and many others to see it”. Cathy Goldberg, Los Angeles


Brilliant and heartwarming” - Karen Finkle, Los Angeles


“This is one of the most important films of the decade” Kaye Germano, Laguna Beach, CA.


A fantastic, wonderful, powerful, moving, incredibly honest amazing film. This film must be seen by everyone!”


“What a beautifully powerful and necessary film”. Robert Meyer Burnett, Los Angeles


“You just have to see this film! We couldn’t even speak afterwards. We haven’t had an emotional release like this in a long time. As a storyteller, it was so well done. The storyline never lost focus….. so powerful.” Michelle Salater. San Miguel


“Beautiful stories, incredibly shot and wonderfully edited. This fresh and impactful perspective on the poaching crisis left me with no choice but to take action.” James Chippendale (P.G.A.), San Miguel


Such an intensely powerful and loving film about incredibly powerful women making a huge difference in the world. Intensely moving, touching and inspiring” - Jamie Pesanti, San Miguel


This content is pure gold” - Joe Neagle, San Miguel


Thank you so much for this beautiful movie. It touched my heart deeply. I am feeling fierce and inspired” Valerie Fortin, San Miguel


Wow, incredible, what a powerful film. Not a dry eye in the house.” - Lisa Attridge, London


“One of the most essential stories told of the dire state of wildlife conservation, our duty as guests on this planet to act and the incredible courage of women who inspire us toward change.” - Christine Martin, San Miguel


“Hands down, this is the most compelling film I've ever seen. It broke my heart. Made me cry. Opened my eyes. Yet, out of a deep sadness came an inspiration to do more to take care of nature and this earth. The film challenges the viewer to consider: If not me, then whom? I might not be on the front lines of the human-animal conflict, but I can stand alongside these brave women and make a difference through my everyday actions. I can help educate others, advocate, volunteer, my part to make this world a better, safer place.

I cannot stop talking about this film and the impact it's had on my life.

I applaud you and the women in the film for risking your lives to stop the violence and poaching in this world.

I've known about the crisis for sometime--having spent a great deal of time in Eastern and Southern Africa in the past--but the way you present the human-animal conflict through the stories of the women on the front lines really opened my eyes to the severity of the situation.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I'm praying this film gets distributed far and wide. And that it helps bring an end to the slaughter.

I'm praying for the women in the movie. Praying for their continued strength as they do what needs to be done.” - Michelle Saladar, San Miguel